What to Expect/What is to Come

First of all ~ Welcome all you beautiful people! If you have come to this page, then you are interested in the art and culture that Cream City Records is working to unify and highlight within the magnificent city of Milwaukee!

Cream City Records has a lot content planned and in the works with the horizon shining wide and bright. The content posted here with include blog posts, features, and videos related to Milwaukee's burgeoning culture surrounding music and visual art. Content will start to flow on this page when this website is fully launched March 1st, 2018.

Since the content posted here will be a mix of blog posts and reposts from our social media accounts, stay up to date with everything Cream City Records rolls out by doing us a massive favor and smashing that like/follow button on your favorite social media. For your convenience, we have put the links to all of our social media accounts below - just click on the platforms you favor and the deed is done...not too bad, right?

On a separate note ~ It will not be long until we have music coming through and vinyl records in your hands. Your patience is truly appreciated, as the process is indeed long and complicated, but the results will be undeniably beautiful. When the time is right, the news will be sung for the city and the world to hear ~ trust us...we are as eager as you to see the fruits of labor!

Again, thank you for your eyes and ears, and we look forward to all that Cream City Records has to offer you and Milwaukee in 2018!!!

Social Media Links

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